Why a branded App?

Top Question.

"Why will having my own branded mobile application benefit my business?"


Key App Features

1. The ability to direct market to your customers, straight to their smartphone. Via your own tailored push notifications.

2. Customer profiling - See who your top customers are, see who has not shopped with you in a while rewards customers individually. 

3. Customers can attend / share events to their friends - Great way to get more brand awareness for your business.

4. Customers can make appointments on your app 24/7, click & collect, make payment straight into your merchant account. 

4. Data capture & analytics

Digital Loyalty & Leaving Reviews

Running your own Digital loyalty scheme can be a HUGE expense - From the design cost to the printing. Why not built it into your own branded app and run multiple loyalties? 

Leaving a review - Keep track of who is leaving your business reviews and respond to them directly.