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—  Food & Beverages

Adnams, Brewery, Beavertown, Brewery, Thos Peatling, Wine Merchant, Raw Press, Juice Bar, Pantone Café, The Brentwood Kitchen, Lockies Kitchen, Second Shot coffee, The Coffee House, Husk Coffee, Dough Pizza, Kettlebell Kitchen, Steak & Honour, Nanna Mexico, Wrights London, Aromi, Habaneros, Liqour & Co, Bicicletta, Barley & Beans, Bite Club, Fit Food Shack, Patty & Bun, The Naked Deli, Toastits...



—  Lifestyle

Nick Smith Bootcamp, Krazy Horse Motorcycles, Glo Salon, Cutthroat Barber, Hard Grind, Glam Beverly Hills, Chaps & Co, The Playground, Beauty SW6, City Barbers, Cambridge Bootcamps, Raindogs Society, Strops,  The Fade & Shave, Urban Soul, Garrett Michael, AONO, Dapper Fox, Alternative Barbers, Barbers Union, Uppercuts, Douce Salon...



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2016 - Present

App Dev - Design - Branding - Photography - UK

App Dev - Design - Branding - Photography - USA

App Dev - Design - Branding - Photography - UAE



Real estate - Property Design / Photography - France

Real estate - Property Design / Photography - Italy

Real estate - Property Design / Photography - Switzerland 

App Dev - Design - Branding - Photography - UK Coverage



Commercial Design / Photography - Hong Kong

Atlas Wines Design / Photography - London

Commerical Design / Photography - Cambridge