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Daily Grind

“Its been well over a three years now since we teamed up with Where's It App and the ongoing support and commitment to our brand and app has been unreal. We recently launched a new expansion on to Hard Grind Dundee called Daily Grind and within a day our app was updated and a brand new loyalty system put in place right within the existing App. We can’t recommend Colleen and the team more. Its been incredibly helpful to the running of our business since day one and a great, easy to use platform for the customer too which is most important"

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Steak & Honour

"Where's it App designed the S&H app for our restaurant launch. Within a few weeks we had over 2000 downloads! It drove our PR and sales massively in the opening week, with around half of all sales discounted through our exclusive QR Code App offer. It's a great way to reach out to our followers, to send them push notifications at short notice, and to drive extra sales in quieter periods. It's a key part of out marketing strategy moving forward, and the convergence point of all our social media channels. We're looking forward to utilising it more and more as our business grows to reach out to our fans and to reward them for their loyalty!"

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