Beverage Packages


We have priced our packages to offer all types of drink brands large and small to have the opportunity to grow their brand. We have also added an options menu, this enables you to add features now or at a later stage. If you have any questions please feel free to arrange a 15 minute coffee time call, we look forward to hearing about any questions you may have.



A great place to start as a small business and want to get a feel of branded app. Don’t be fooled this is a serious bit of kit that your customers will thank you for.

4 pages - PWA App.

About us/Push notifications/Event feed/Locations where you are stocked

Price £3995

*Monthly fee £299



So time to strengthen your brand! With more functionality with submission into the app stores, iOS and Googleplay. More bespoke designs.

6 - 8 pages

Shop link//Refer a Friend/Social Wall/Video channel/Sign up / News/ Product reviews

£6-8,000 + £79 to create an Apple Developer account for your shop.

*Monthly fee £POA



With all the functionality you could wish for, with the added benefit of support and marketing help to get your app out there. Individual customer data. iOS and Googleplay

8+ pages

Geo tagged push notifications to individual sates / countries/ Monthly Data Capture/In Depth customer data/Exclusive promotions

£POA + £79 to create an Apple Developer account for your shop.

*Monthly fee £POA